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Welcome to the our blades store !  Feedback on bladeforums.com

Store Rusblade was established in 2011 and sell ONLY original authentic knives!

Here you can buy the best Russian knives of famous master-hand Shirogorov

from Yaroslavl city, knives of famous master-hand Cheburkov from Pavlovo city,

Knives of best Russian designers from Custom Knife Factory and Custom Knives of international masters!

Absolutely all the knives are original / authentic.         

We are the biggest online shop of  Shirogorov knives in the world!


Rusblade LTD - the official dealer of Custom Knife Factory in USA and Russia.

http://www.customknifefactory.com/  ->>  at the bottom of the page ->> rusblade.com



If you need any Russian knife or any other item, we will find it for you!


We take our business and service seriously and have partners in USA.

We are open seven days a week / 365 days without vacation.


We accept Paypal, Bank Transfer and Western Union.


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If you have any questions or you want to buy a knife, please contact us via

email: rusbladesale@gmail.com   or via contact form in Help Center.


 INSTAGRAM  @rusbladecom


We are located in Russia

St-Petersburg city

Nevsky, 44

Business Center "MegaCity"

Rusblade LTD


Welcome and good shopping!