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All payment methods are available. VISA/MASTERCARD, Bank Transfer, Western Union.

We work in normal mode. We send orders in 1-2 days.

Please note that due to the covid-19 and the situation in the world, EMS and USPS postal services will inform you about possible delivery delays because some routes are currently partially on the ground.

We ship your orders every day. By paying the invoice, you confirm that you are aware of possible delays along the way and are ready to wait for the receipt of your order. Please understand the situation, all parcels will certainly be delivered.

The main rule: If you are not ready to wait the time required to deliver the order, please do not order the goods.

We ship all orders quickly, but transportation does not depend on our company, our partners of EMS and USPS are responsible for the shipping.

We do our best to make your purchase and delivery safe. All your orders will be delivered.

Price news

Shirogorov has raised prices by 35-50 % on Custom Division knives. Also expected a rise in prices for all serial knives and gears.

Cheburkov knives are still sold at the same prices.


Take care!

We do not participate in political games, we are doing business.



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