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Cheburkov Gudzon Full Custom 2019

2018 New Gudzon knife

1620 $

Cheburkov Russkiy CUSTOM 2019

2019 New Russkiy knife

1320 $

Shirogorov HATI BA#8 Vanadis 10 CF Custom Division

Blue Accent Custom Division #8

3240 $

CUSTOM Shirogorov F95 M390 Rare Custom Division

Custom Division Knife

2960 $

Shirogorov F95 White Tiger Chinese Edition Cust...

Custom Division Chinese SE

2780 $

Cheburkov Russkiy Damascus Timascus clip

New Russkiy knife

890 $

Shirogorov 111 M390 WHITE CF 3D groove MRBS

2019 Groove and Multi Row Bearings System

1090 $

Shirogorov 111 M390 RED CF 3D groove MRBS

2019 Groove and Multi Row Bearings System

1090 $

Shirogorov 111 Elmax G10 3D Light-Gray MRBS

MRBS bearings system!

780 $

Shirogorov 111 Elmax G10 3D Brown MRBS

MRBS bearings system!

780 $

Shirogorov 111 Elmax G10 3D SAND MRBS

MRBS bearings system!

780 $

Cheburkov 2019 Kasatka Whale M390 CF

New 2019 Kasatka Whale knife

640 $

Decepticon Full Custom Konygin Aleksey


3620 $

CUSTOM Russian Dr. Death - Shirogorov and Tom Mayo

Russian Dr. Death limited 1/100 pcs

3280 $

CUSTOM Shirogorov FULL PACK Cannabis TNK M390 MRBS

Exclusive TNK FULL PACK, #50/100 pcs

2650 $

Shirogorov F3 RWL34 Python 3D Rare

Shirogorov F3 RWL34 Python 3D Rare folding knife

1340 $

CKF Asymmetric midi folder (Alexey Konygin desi...

Limited rare, one of 300

690 $

Cheburkov Russkiy FULL CUSTOM

New Russkiy knife

1970 $

Cheburkov Russkiy Exclusive Blue 2018

New Exclusive Russkiy

2720 $

Shirogorov HATI SEASHELL S90V Custom Division

Custom Division PVD only 5 pcs in the world

3900 $


SINKEVICH design, 1/200 pcs

3590 $

Cheburkov Pike M390 Custom one-off Folding Knife

FULL CUSTOM from maker!

970 $

CKF Garza Dragon One-Off Custom Knife (S35VN, b...

Anton Malyshev design, titanium, bearings

890 $

CKF S.S.E. BLACK Knife M390 Limited


345 $

CKF ONE-OFF Decepticon 1 CYBERANIM Custom DCPT-...

Custom by Stasbiker. One-Off.

1480 $

CKF Morrf-3 Custom Knife One-Off

Evgeny Muan design, S35VN, bearings, G10+Ti

750 $

CKF ELF ONE-OFF Custom Camo project

ONE-OFF. Handmade.

850 $
1150 $ 

CKF Customized Morrf -4 Knife JEANS ONE-OFF

Evgeny Muan design, JEANS mod!!!

820 $
970 $ 

CKF Customized Morrf -4 Knife ONE-OFF

Evgeny Muan design

670 $

Pocket Roulette V Born in Vegas Shirogorov Knives

Born in Vegas exclusive!

750 $

CUSTOM Shirogorov F95 ONE-OFF Elmax T-mode "Lig...

Elmax blade with lightning style!

780 $
830 $ 

Shirogorov NeOn Zero M390 MRBS

Shirogorov Neon 2019

890 $

Exclusive Photo Album of Shirogorov knives

1 of 10 Limited Edition SHIROGOROV

970 $

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