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Cheburkov Knives

Our online shop is proud to present famous knives from the workshop of the Cheburkov.     

2017 - FIRST PLACE on International Knives Show "Coutellia" in France.

2019 - FIRST PLACE on International Knives Show "SICAC" in France.

    These special, custom and unique knives are considered to be the best folding knives in Russia. They are highly appreciated and rated among the knifelovers and knifecollectors all over the world. Careful attention to details, minimum tolerances, no backlash, premium steel, high-quality assembly are the keys of success of Cheburkov knives!

We sell ONLY ORIGINAL of Cheburkov knives!

Here you can order ANY knife of Cheburkov factory!


Cheburkov Russkiy Exclusive Blue 2018

New Exclusive Russkiy

2590 $
2720 $ 

Cheburkov Kasatka Whale FULL CUSTOM Damascus

New Kasatka Whale knife

2100 $

Cheburkov Russkiy FULL CUSTOM

New Russkiy knife

1890 $

Cheburkov Gudzon Black FULL Cerakote Custom

Black FULL Cerakote

1850 $
1980 $ 

Cheburkov Russkiy Feather Damascus CUSTOM 2019

Blade Show 2019 Moscow

1570 $
1630 $ 

Cheburkov Gudzon Full Custom 2019

2018 New Gudzon knife

1490 $
1620 $ 

Cheburkov Russkiy Laminated steel 2019

New 2019 Russkiy knife

990 $

Cheburkov Custom Scout Titanium engraving

Titanium handmade engraving!

899 $

Cheburkov Scout 2018 Damascus Titanium

New 2018 Ti and damascus

690 $

Cheburkov Scout Damascus Giraffe's bone

New 2017 damascus steel + Giraffe's bone!