Dear customers of our store and fans of Russian knives!

Our store cooperates with many manufacturers of knives in Russia and we are ready to provide you with services for the repair of your knives. If there is a problem, the knife does not work, you need screws for the clip or axial, or you cannot find a bit to disassemble the screws, or the clip on the custom knife has broken and you need a new one. In this case, you can contact us, we will try to provide you with the necessary spare parts for knives (Shirogorovs, Cheburkov, Urakov, Cultrotech and other manufacturers).

If, in order to eliminate the defect, you need to send a knife to the manufacturer in Russia, we will help you to do this, coordinate the necessary types of work with the knife manufacturers, receive a knife from you and transfer it to the workshop, and then send back to you repaired knife.

For all questions about spare parts for knives, you can contact us by filling in the feedback form, and our manager will contact you and help you determine the procedure, clarify the possibility in the manufacturer's workshop.


Rusblade Team


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