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Adiutor Prototype knife by CultroTech Knives

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This is one-off Adiutor Prototype 2019 exclusive collection knife!

This knife may never go into serial production.

CultroTech Knives Company (Custom knives, knife technology) produce small-scale projects knives, exclusive and custom-made knives from Russia. The manufacturer has awards:

Best tactical folder 2018 Blade Show USA

Best tactical folder 2019 Blade Show France

The company produces few knives, all knives are made by hand, the waiting time for the manufacture of a knife can be from 1 to 6 months.

This Adiutor Prototype knife by CultroTech Knives made perfect, steel blade M390. Blade length 100 mm, thickness 3.3 mm, titanium handle, patented design. The length of the knife is 230 mm. Weight 150 gr.


Length 9,05"

Blade length 4"

Weight 150 gr

Thickness in the forehead 1,3"

Blade Material M390 (62-63 HRC)

Material of the handle Titanium

Design M. Soltamuradov

Pivot Bronze Washers


We work directly with the manufacturer, so you can order any one of the knives from CultroTech through our store.