Custom Louboutin by Alexey Shokuroff

Custom Louboutin by Alexey Shokuroff

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m390 steel, Model 0902

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ITEM: M0902 m390

m390 steel, Model 0902

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Custom Louboutin M390 by Alexey Shokuroff

This is a rare version with m390 of the famous knife Louboutin by Alexey Shokuroff, full custom handmade by one of the best knifemakers in Russia Alexey Shokuroff.


Blade's material: M390 (washers) + with handmade satin!
Blade length: 3.93'' (100 mm)
Overall length: 8.86'' (225 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.14'' (3.5 mm)
Lock type: Liner lock
Handle material: Titanium + G10 3D texture
Brand: Shokuroff Knives
Country of producer: Russia

Mr. Shokurov Alexey born in Russia, technical education.
He made his first knife in 1984. Since 1997, he has been engaged in knives professionally. He creates convenient and practical models and shapes that delight the eye, sit securely in the hand, and the blade serves for a long time.  Over the years of hard work, he designed and made more than 1,000 custom-made products with his own hands, developed and produced a lineup that includes about 30 serial products, invented and designed the original Shok Lock.  A regular participant of the exhibitions “Blade”, “Hunting and Fishing in Russia”, “Arsenal”, “Fishing and Hunting Paradise”.  The works of Alexei Shokurov are kept in private collections, many of which are marked with special awards at international exhibitions.  Shokuroff knives are impeccable quality, solid assembly from reliable materials, style and character in detail.

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