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Cyrax #1 by Nikolai Lomachenkov Knives


2900 $
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This Cyrax #1 ONE-OFF by Nikolai Lomachenkov Knives (Custom knives, Russia)

Steel blade Damasteel RWL34. Blade length 76 mm, thickness 3,7 mm, bronze handle, patented Glissando-Lock. The length of the knife is 207 mm. Weight 160 gr.

The frame of the product is designed in such a way that when opening the knife the blade slips along it like on rails. In the closed position, the wedge is clamped between the rail frame and the clamping keypad with a clip.

The blade of a symmetric dagger shape has a cross section in the form of a pyramid. On the flat inner side is a relief pattern. On the outer side of the blade there is a groove on which the shaft moves at the end of the keypad. Leaving the groove, the shaft rolls along the blade ricasso, then, with a click, jumps off the heel of the blade and props it into the lock. The wedge is released from the lock by squeezing the keypad with your finger through a hole in the frame.

Glissando-Lock gets its name from a musical reception, which is based on sliding your hand along the frets of a string instrument or piano keys.

Only 3 knives are released in different configurations. This is Cyrax #1!