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CKF Asymmetric midi CUSTOM SKULL (Alexey Konygin design, S90V, titanium, CF)

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Rare Customizing Midi knife designed by Alexey Konygin (Decepticon, T90 and other top knives) by Stas Bondarenko. Laser, anodizing, ONE-OFF Scull.

Huge folder, fast flipping action, S90V steel, CF handle. Become an owner, like new!

Blade steel - S90V,

Handle material - CF, titanium,

Pivot on folding - ceramic bearings,

Overal lenght - 210 mm,

Blade lenght - 95 mm,

Blade thickness - 3 mm,

Handle thickness - 9 mm,

Lock - framelock.

Manufacturer: CustomKnifeFactory



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