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CKF CUSTOM Sukhoi Yakut Knife ONE-OFF

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This is beautiful CUSTOM YAKUT MODE "Sukhoi" of Custom Knife Factory one-off, Russian folding knife, CPM-S35VN blade and titanium + bronze carving handle, anodizing, blade satin finish, sharp, smooth and easy opening (bearings), frame-lock.  It's compact design like Shirogorov Flipper 95 has, frame-lock. Become an owner!

Blade steel - S35VN, hand rubbed satin

Handle material - titanium + bronze, anodizing

Pivot - 2rbs (two rows bearing system)

Overal lenght - 235 mm.

Blade lenght - 105 mm.

Blade thickness - 4 mm.

Handle thickness - 16 mm.
Lock - framelock

Brand: Custom Knife Factory (CKF)

Customizing: Rusblade team


If you know about knives - it's your choice!