CKF utility knife Kanza

CKF utility knife Kanza

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You know, many craftsmen are asked: how did you come to make knives? And often the answer is: well, I collected knives, I was fond of them, but I wanted smth little different, so I decided to make the knives by myself.

So we are: it was a pity to use some knives for opening and cutting boxes, so we were thinking about a small, flat, convenient utility knife, beautiful, made of titanium and of our own design. This is how Kanza was born.

Purpose: probably for cutting drywall, gypsum boards, roofing materials, plastic, wood, cardboard, paper, linoleum. 

The author of the design is Anton Malyshev. Two-hands opening (we wanted Kanza to be flat AF)

Dimensions, inches/mm: 3.54"/90 * 1.06"/27 * 0.35"/9
Weight: 39gr.

Materials: Ti super machined and anodized
Blade: trapezoid width 0.75"/19mm, can be found everywhere

From owner, excellent condition.

You can leave a request for this knife model. Our managers will clarify the possibility of ordering such a knife for your personal collection.