CKF/Rotten Evolution 2.0 (cool CF + dark Ti handle)

CKF/Rotten Evolution 2.0 (cool CF + dark Ti handle)


CKF/Rotten Evolution 2.0 (cool CF + dark Ti handle, dark Ti clip & spacer, M390 2-tone satin/stonewash). Your best mid-size pocket knife ever.

Evolution 2.0 designed by CKF partner Jonny Rotten of Rotten Design. The Evolution is a ergonomics-driven folder with a mid-size cleaver blade. A modified cleaver shape blade shape takes center stage on the Evolution. Blade 3.6 inches in length. The profile exhibits the squarish, wide, angular traits of a cleaver, but with some tweaks: namely a pronounced belly on the edge and a twice-dropped tip that still rises to an adequate point. There is no flipper tab on the Evolution; instead it is opened via thumb cutout. The blade steel is CKF’s go-to M390 stainless. The result is a definite visual change compared to recent CKF outings. Company Founder Mike Kulygin tells us that seeking out fresh styles is a core tenet of the CKF philosophy. “We’re always trying something new, or new styles,” he explains. “I would like to try lots of new designs from different people – who knows what will be the next.”
Blade lenght: 3.6" - 91.48mm
Overall lenght: 8.03" - 204.08mm
Blade thickness: 0.18" - 4.5mm
*serial number of knife may be different

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