COORDINAL Sinkevich FULL CUSTOM Leaf Prototype #1

COORDINAL Sinkevich FULL CUSTOM Leaf Prototype #1

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SINKEVICH Prototype #1

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SINKEVICH Prototype #1

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Story of Leaf Edition knives by Dmitry: "The decor is inspired by nature, namely the nerved dry leaf. Moreover, I experimented with this pattern back in the 2012, but in the form of layers that overlapped on themselves, and here I wanted to make the dies solid. Leaf is made in two variations: Large sheet and Small sheet, which differ in cell size. It is interesting that in the Small sheet the labor intensity is almost twice as large: in order to achieve the accuracy of the pattern, the contour was made with a 1 mm cutter, and so that the drawing did not cut the hand on all the shaped holes there are small but noticeable chamfers.

As a result, the handles of the knives turned out to be tracery-transparent and very light, but otherwise it’s the most that the Coordinals are.
Titanium handles are with titanium spacers and tungsten pins. On the axis there are a pair of titanium screws and my mrbs bearings inside.
Frame-lock is with lock position adjustment system. Titanium openwork clip."

Multi-Plane TI Handles, MRBS, Tungsten Pins, RWL-34, Super Lumenova

The Front Handle and the Lockbar Side each is just a single piece of thick Titanium that Dmitry Milled to Give the Illusion of being Multiple Pieces Fastened Together On Multiple Planes.

Perfect Flipping Action on Dmitry's Multiple Row Bearing System

RWL-34 False-edged Blade

Tungsten Pins & Titanium Raised Backstrap

Lumed Marker's Mark, and other Inscriptions

Handmade Leather Knife Case by Dmitry Sinkevich

Specs: 3 7/8" Blade; 8 7/8" OAL; Only 3.90 Ounces

Condition: Like New

Cloth, card and case are included.


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