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Shirogorov CUSTOM Flipper 95 Firedrake project s30v

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Shirogorov Flipper 95 CUSTOM Firedrake project Limited 1 of 30!

Firedrake (dragon Gorynych) is limited project of Shirogorovs knives and Nasgul Prodaction Studio, only 30 pcs made and the project now is closed!

In Slavic Mythology, Zmey Gorynych was a monsterous dragon. The creature is sometimes thought of as a Hydra because of its three heads. He was known best for the epic battle that he started with Dobrynya Nikitich. After three days of fighting, Dobrynya Nikitich was ready to give up but he recieved a message from heaven and began to fight fiercer than ever. After three days and three hours, the mighty dragon was slain by the noble warrior. It is through this folk tale that he became famous.

Драконы Дракон Горыныч

Ultra RARE knife!

Inside knife handle 2 logo: Shirogorov and Nasgul and exclusive signature of the author of customization and date!

Never Used! Become an owner. Mint condition! Small scratch on the blade, seen in the photo.

The blade -  S30V steel
Handle material - Titanium and dragon scale carved in titanium!

Exclusive multipoint DUO tone anodizing.

The thickness of the dice - 3.5 mm
Blade length: 95 mm
Overall length: 223 mm
Lock type: Framelock
Cloth and box are included.