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Shirogorov F95 Hunter Project Exclusive One-Off

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This knife is Exclusive one-off Hunter Project Set by Shirogorov Workshop!

This knife was made by special order for the Hunter project. The philosophy of the knife and its practicality was conceived as a tactical knife for hunting and fishing, the blade Vanax 37 was made which has minimal rusting, camouflage pattern protective handle. A special axial screw with the ability to quickly disassemble from 2 sides - such an axial screw has never been used on series Shirogorov's knives, washers installed instead of bearings, for instant possibility to disassemble and clean the knife if necessary, in conditions of any weather and work in the forest or on a boat, without loss of bearings, and use it again!

Knife in new and will decorate your knives collection!

Special axial screw 2 sides and Card of authenticity.

Second part of this set is Pen Screwdriver by Shirogorov - can be used for  F95, Tabargan, Hati, F3, 110, 110b, 111, and for CUSTOM knives Russian Dr. Death, Clubknife and other Shiro knives!

Knife specs:

The blade -  vanax 37 steel
Handle material - Titanium Camo
The thickness of the dice - 4 mm
Blade length: 95 mm
Overall length: 223 mm
Lock type: Framelock

Pen specs:

Material: titanium

Pen length closed: 100 mm (4 inches)

Set: pen, screwdriver with 2 bits (steel)

Brand: Shirogorov knives

Country of producer: Russia