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Shirogorov NEW F95 М390 Nudist MRBS 2017

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Novelty 2017, the new generation of the famous and popular knife from the Shirogorovs Workshop, Flipper 95 "Nudist".

The thickness of the dice - 4 mm 

This knife F95 in category "Three Bears", which means the highest score for the knife for complete workshop.

The new generation of knives, three-row bearing MRBS, before used only the top models 111 and custom legendary "Club Knife" is now in the base! Titanium handle now have pattern inside, so that the weight of the knife less, only 132 grams. Сomplicated blue anodized on titanium handle and wavy lines, similar like a  custom knife F7, rare for this knife blade M390 steel!

The top knife!

The blade - М390 TOP steel and MRBS system!
Handle material - TITANIUM
The thickness of the dice - 4 mm
Blade length: 95 mm
Overall length: 223 mm
Lock type: Framelock
Certificate, cloth and box are included.

If you know about knives - it's your choice!