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Shirogorov Pen Screwdriver Honeycomb pattern for Flipper 95, Tabargan, Hati, F3, 110, 110b, 111..

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Perfectly made Pen Screwdriver Rare Honeycomb pattern for many Shirogorov knives: Flipper 95, Tabargan, Hati, F3, 110, 110b, 111, and for CUSTOM knives Russian Dr. Death, Clubknife and other Shiro knives!

This is a Custom Titanium Pen-Screwdriver. 

Honeycomb pattern like on Custom Division knife.

We can offer screws as well, ask us.


Material: titanium + Honeycomb pattern.

Pen length closed: 100 mm (4 inches)

Set: pen, screwdriver with 2 bits (steel)


Brand: Shirogorov knives

Country of producer: Russia


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