Cheburkov Russkiy Bronze Laminated steel

Cheburkov Russkiy Bronze Laminated steel

820 $

New Russkiy knife

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820 $

New Russkiy knife


This is beautiful "Russkiy" folding knife from Cheburkov worksmanship, Russia. Top config, Laminated steel blade, bronze anodizing clip and titanium handle!  Frame-lock, sharp, smooth and easy opening.

New in box!  

Blade  Laminated steel

Locking mechanism  Frame Lock

Opening mechanism Flipper

Handle Titanium + bronze anodizing

Weight: 141 g

Overall length: 230 mm

Blade length: 105 mm

Length folded: 125 mm

Blade thickness: 4 mm

Brand: Cheburkov worksmanship

Country of producer: Russia

Produced: 2018   

Knife + card + original box.

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