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CUSTOM Shirogorov F95 Elmax FLAG USSR Victory banner


1450 $ × = 1450 $


Custom Shirogorov Exclusive Flipper 95 Flag USSR Victory banner Elmax GOLD with bearings.

Ultra RARE!   Never Used!  NEW!

That being the 70th anniversary of Victory Day marking the end of WWII in Russia and Europe with the raising of Victory banners over the Reichstag. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victory_Banner


This CUSTOMIZING folding knife - made gold anodization, standard blade finish, special design of handle. Flips amazing for CUSTOM knives (it's very easy), perfectly centered, good performing. Could be a good chance to get this rare knife from Shirogorov - the most famous model Flipper 95.

USSR FLAG knife special edition (1 of 35 pcs produced in Russia). All serial USSR FLAG knives are sold to private collection.

Titanium handle with texture and gold anodizing.

Bearing set - single and blade - Top Elmax steel

Handle material - gold anodization Titanium
The thickness of the dice - 4 mm
Blade length: 95 mm
Overall length: 223 mm
Lock type: Frame-lock
Cloth and box are included.