TECHNOBAMBOO Shirogorov & Sinkevich CUSTOM 10/10

TECHNOBAMBOO Shirogorov & Sinkevich CUSTOM 10/10

13500 $

SINKEVICH design 10/10 pcs

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13500 $

SINKEVICH design 10/10 pcs


Custom Shirogorov TECHNOBAMBOO folding knife SINKEVICH design.
Ultra RARE! From private collection. Never used.
TECHNOBAMBOO knife special edition # 10 (10 only produced in Russia). All TECHNOBAMBOO knives are sold to private collection
The appearance of the Technobamboo is very different from strict classic Shirogorovs knives. The design bravely crossed High-tech and oriental culture. The result was unusual, but very harmonious. The junction of the handle is really reminiscent of the stem bamboo and is perfectly combined with a sophisticated blade multigride. The engineering knife is not less than the form. The knife was presented with a handle with a unique changing geometry. You can choose one of the three positions of the back, fettering the foler under your palm. Flip "Bamboo" is also unusual - front. The blade lightningly leaches from the handle with the help of a welcoming movement. The dynamics corresponds to the branded two-row ball Shirogorov bearing system installed in the axial node. The knife has titanium frame lock.The blade is made of VANAX 35 elite European steel, which keeps the sharpness longer than the famous Elmax and is distinguished by the increased characteristics of strength and corrosion resistance. If a strong blade adorns a transverse satin, then the adjustable handle finished the brutal stooned. Little joyful secretion of decor - anodized in blue color sleeve between dies.
Feauring Vanax 35 blade, bearings and titanium handle. It is perfection and surely grail knife for any serious collector.
This product is being sold in the condition in which it is, can not be returned and exchanged (carefully look at the photos). Any photos and videos will be provided to the buyer.

Bearing set 2-row (2 row bearings system)
The TOP blade - Vanax 35 steel
Handle material - titanium
The thickness of the dice - 0.16'' (4 mm)
Blade length: 3.54'' (90 mm)
Overall length: 8.15'' (207 mm)
Lock type: Frame-lock
Cloth and box are included.

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S.Shirogorov and D.Sinkevich collab