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CUSTOM Shirogorov F95 Navy FLAG

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Custom Shirogorov Exclusive Flipper 95 Navy FLAG Elmax BLUE  w/ bearings

Ultra RARE!   Never Used!  NEW!

This is "Andreevsky" FLAG of RUSSIAN NAVY

This CUSTOM folding knife - made blue anodization, standard blade finish, special design of handle. Flips amazing for CUSTOM knives (it's very easy), perfectly centered, good performing. Could be a good chance to get this rare knife from Shirogorov - the most famous model Flipper95 S pattern. Be on the horse!

NAVY FLAG knife special edition (35 only produced in Russia). All NAVY FLAG knives are sold to private collection.

Titanium handle with texture and blue anodized

Bearing set - single and blade - Elmax steel

Handle material - blue anodization Titanium
The thickness of the dice - 4 mm
Blade length: 95 mm
Overall length: 223 mm
Lock type: Frame-lock
Cloth and box are included.