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Shirogorov 2018 FULL KIT Pen Screwdriver for Jeans, Cannabis, Sigma, etc

590 $ × = 590 $


New 2018 SiDiS Design, perfectly made Pen Screwdriver!

FULL KIT 4 bits for Shirogorov knives: Flipper 95, Tabargan, NeOn, HatiOn, Hati, F3, 110, 110b, 111, and for CUSTOM knives Russian Dr. Death, Clubknife, Jeans, Cannabis, Sigma, etc.


We can offer screws as well, ask us.


Material: titanium

Set: pen, screwdriver with 1 double sided bit and 3 one sided bit  (steel)

Brand: Shirogorov knives

Country of producer: Russia


NOW you can buy BIT for NEON knife!